July 24, 2018
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We want to inaugurate our blog with an article dedicated to Panama.

Since wearing it in 1906 when Roosvelt visited the Canal, it became the favorite accessory of leaders, writers and artists.
The Panama hat is a type of hat woven by hand with fibers of a dwarf palm, the Carludovica palmata.
The toquilla is the elastic straw obtained from this palm.
The processing, unchanged for more than three centuries, requires different phases.
The quality depends on how fine the fiber is, the thinner it is the more precious it is.
The toquilla threads of different thickness, are hand-woven giving life to three types of Panama: Montecristi, Cuenca and Brisa.
Hand weaving, performed in the town of Montecristi, takes from 4 to 6 months.

There is a general rule for assessing the rank of a Panama Montecristi:

  • Montecristi Regular: about 15 strands twisted for 2.5 cm
  • Montecristi Fino: about 20 twisted threads per 2.5 cm
  • Montecristi Fino Fino: about 25 strands twisted for 2.5 cm
  • Montecristi Super Fino: about 30 twisted threads per 2.5 cmMontecristi Extra Fino: about 35 twisted threads per 2.5 cm

Other ways of evaluating a Panama are the quality of the straw, the weave and the color.
All the hats, being hand woven, always have some defect, imperfection and irregularity.
A light-tinged white-tinged straw is more valuable than a yellowish straw.

We leave you with some tricks:

  • It should not be left in the sun or warm indoors (such as a car and a closed and sunny window).
  • If you feel that the weft is too dry, moisten it with a cloth dampened with water at room temperature.
  • The panama is a sun hat and not a rain hat, if you take a shower with Panama on your head you have to let it dry in a dry place, naturally without letting heat help us.
  • If Panama has lost its shape, we can give it back by reshaping it with your fingers, exposing it at the same time as steam from a pot of boiling water.
  • To reshape the head, you can use an iron with medium-low heat, taking care to place a white cloth between the iron and the straw (do not use colored cloth at all).
  • Cleaning should never be done with water, in case it is really necessary due to such obvious stains, it is necessary to carefully dab it with a white cloth soaked in room temperature water in which we have melted some liquid detergent for dishes.

When it is time to put it back if you do not have a special hatbox, get a cardboard cone on which you will place the hat, it is important that the flap does not touch the support surface.

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