May 28, 2019
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I had the opportunity and the luck to visit one of the most important factories in Italy.

In addition to being lost in the more than 50 steps needed to make a felt hat (from fulling the rabbit fur, to the seam of the strap) and having seen that each machine works only with the help of man (among other things centenarian machines that if they were to break it would be very difficult to reproduce), the thing that impressed me most were the workers: a hundred more or less, all in love with their work to such an extent that, thanks to manual skill, they contribute to the bill a hat, even a Mr. Hat.

This is also to tell you that when you come to buy a Borsalino, don’t be surprised by the price: to make a hat you need more than 50 processing steps and a full 7 weeks.

We try to safeguard the Made in Italy as much as possible, let’s respect it, we must be proud of it!

If you want to know more, I suggest you see the video that includes all the manufacturing processes.

Good vision.


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